Tuesday, December 18, 2007

NJ-Guinea Pig Home-two boys, not bonded

LISTING REMOVED Brick, NJ: A listing on Guinea Pig Home (which is a great forum) for two guinea pigs who need a new home. Two blonde, black and white tri-color pigs are being rehomed because of illness in the family, resulting in the pigs not getting enough attention. These very friendly boys (not bonded) are used to kids.



Jennifer said...

Looking for one maybe two guinea pigs for my 11 yr old daughter. i will be primary caregiver. we live in new egypt, nj. no other pets in home. any additional info on personality and tempermant. must like to be held and not skiddish. Thanks. jennifer

S.B. said...

Hi Jennifer, as I said on my other post, these aren't my pigs, rather, I compile the links.

You said in one comment that you have my pets and in the other that you don't, which is it?

And pigs always do well with a pig friend.