Wednesday, December 19, 2007

PA-Humane League of Lancaster County-bunch of new pigs

The Humane League of Lancaster County has a whole bunch of new pigs. There's one picture snafoo, I think, so bear with me. As I note, I disagree with the pellet feed it appears they're getting from the photos. Any feed with colored bits is bad news, as it's basically like giving pigs junk food. They pick out the colored bits and don't eat the rest, and don't get their nutritional requirements. Also, over a long period of time it can lead to organ damage.

LISTING REMOVED. Prancer is a gorgeous adult male of medium build. All the info I can get from his bio, but look how cute:

LISTING REMOVED. Oreo Jack is a cute girl with a silly name (which I love). She's young and medium sized.

LISTING REMOVED. Snickers is an adorable adult male, medium sized:

LISTING REMOVED. Coal and LISTING REMOVED. Elf are two pigs who share the same picture. But! If you look at the lower left corner, I suspect that's either Coal or Elf's cute bum, so I don't think this is a case of guinea twins. Coal is a female adult, medium sized, and Elf is a young female, medium sized. By the name I'm guessing Coal is the one pictured.


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