Monday, December 24, 2007


Adopt A Guinea Pig is formally against giving any animal as a present. Rescues and shelters experience a huge number of surrenders the immediate months following Christmas.

Before you bring an animal in to your home, think:

What will I do if someone in my household is allergic?
What will I do if the animal gets sick?
What if the person I'm getting the animal for doesn't want/like him/her?
What will I do if my children don't care for the pet?
Do I really have room?
Am I fully aware of the needs of this animal?
If the person this animal is for loses interest, am I prepared to take on the responsibilities?
How old is the animal? How long can I expect to care for this animal?
Am I making any moves where I can't bring my animal with me?
Does the person really want this animal? Or do they want another type of pet and I'm making a compromise, at the expense of this animal?
Am I really going to buy a pet now, when there are thousands of homeless animals waiting for a home?

This might be a better gift for someone thinking they want a guinea pig:

For grownups: A Grown-Up's Guide to Guinea Pigs, by Dale Sigler (click to go to Amazon page)

For kids: Animal Planet's Guinea Pigs (Click to go to Amazon page)

And if you already have a guinea pig, and want to pamper him, her, or them for the Holidays, here are a couple of places your guinea pig has on their Amazon Wishlist!

Kleenmama's Hay
: Quality Hay and Pellets in Bulk; Pamper your Pig at the Cozy Cavy; All sorts of stocking stuffers at This Little Piggie Marketplace; and Cheaper, larger cages from Cavy Cages.

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