Saturday, December 22, 2007

WV-Putnam County Animal Relief Center-Four pigs

Well, I'll be honest. I have not fulfilled the obligations of posting West Virginia pigs. From my understanding and conclusions after looking for these elusive WV pigs for months, it seems that there is not really a safe place for homeless small animals in much of West Virginia. So it was my surprise when three adorable pigs popped up at Putnam County Animal Relief Center! I'm glad these pigs were given a chance to be adopted, but now all we need are the adopters. And that being said, these pigs need to be adopted by caring adopters ASAP.

LISTING REMOVED. Kiley is a beautiful small young sow:

LISTING REMOVED. Bailey is more of the wonderful same:

LISTING REMOVED. Kelsey rounds out the trio of small young sows


Make room for one more: LISTING REMOVED. Nelly is another small young girl.


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