Thursday, February 28, 2008

NY-Life Long Tails-three guinea pigs

Life Long Tails, NY: ADOPTED! Abby, ADOPTED! April, and LISTING REMOVED May!

Note: none of the below animals have red eyes, it's just because of the flash.


Abby is two to two and a half, and is nice and gentle. She loves her hay, fruits and veggies. Poor girl is being rehomed because her owner developed allergies.


April is four years old and very beautiful. She has a very sweet temperament and loves to eat. April is bonded with May, and they would like to be adopted together. She was surrendered to the rescue because of allergies.


May is a senior piggy who is quite healthy, active, and robust. She loves to eat, something she shares in common with April, the piggie girl she hopes to be adopted with. She is five years old and is looking for a real forever home.

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