Sunday, February 17, 2008

PA-Adams County SPCA-Boar and (BOAR)

Adams County SPCA, Gettysburg, PA: Tobe and Gardenia !

Tobe or not, no, stick with it, Tobe! Poor Tobe is a scared boy at the shelter. He was surrendered by his owner, so he really is feeling down on his luck right now. His bio puts it pretty it well: "Once I settle in to my new home, with a little love and affection I should stop being soo scared. I would love a new place where I can get out of the cage and stretch my legs and exercise a little bit. Wow, that sure would be fun!!! Stop on by and say 'Hi', hope to see you soon!"

ADOPTED! Scroll down on the exotics page for Gardenia and her sad story. She was found outside in a box by a church; a gentleman brought her to the shelter before she froze to death. She is such a lovely guinea lady. Gardenia's understandably feeling a bit down on her luck as well! She and Tobe both need some TLC in their forever homes. NOW A BOAR-GIZMO

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