Friday, May 23, 2008

PA-Starfish to the Sea Animal Rescue-Presidential Pigs

LISTING REMOVED Quincy has a roommate! Read new addition at bottom!

Starfish to the Sea Animal Rescue, PA: LISTING REMOVED Frankie D, LISTING REMOVED Hayes, LISTING REMOVED Mamie and Dolly, and LISTING REMOVED Quincy and LISTING REMOVED Astro!

Note: The bios of these guinea pigs have some helpful starter guinea pig information and requirements. Don't forget GuineaLynx and its forums as well!

Okay, basically the bios of these guinea pigs are written so cutely and it's such a neat theme that I'm just going to quote directly from them. I don't have permission to quote, so if they want me to take it down I will do so! Hopefully they will take it as a compliment, if they come across my humble blog.

Frankie D:

Frankie D is outgoing and stubborn, a fr33 spirit who is still learning what it's like to be handled by people. He is shy at first but warms up if you give him enough attention. He is a cream colored abyssinian guinea pig with a thick, full mohawk. He's adorable, and can't wait to find a family of his own!


Hayes, aka 'the stud muffin', is a beautiful blond boy, long and lean, who loves to explore. Though he is great when it comes to receiving affection, he would rather have 'floor time' to explore that big world out there! The first to check out new foods, new toys, and new places, Hayes is the Presidential Pigs' real Commander-in-chief!

Mamie and Dolly:

The First Ladies are here! Mamie and Dolly are the only two females in their litter and will need to be adopted together or possibly singularly to a home with other female pigs.

Mamie, a gorgeous red and white,is a bold, friendly girl who is fairly laid back and is the most calm of the 5 piglets when it comes to being handled. She is showing great promise as a loving pet.

Dolly, a dilute brindle with an adorable white back leg, has a coat made with a stunning mesh of dark yet vibrant colors and soft eyes that show her true, gentle nature. Both girls are very quiet and calm, but they still love to run laps around their cage. You couldn't ask for a more stunning pair of pretty girls to join your family, and they've got personality to boot!


Quincy may be small, but he is the boldest of the Presidential pigs or first lady-pigs. When placed in the wicker chair for his photo shoot, it took roughly 2 seconds before he decided the chair was edible! He is tiny, only around 8 ounces, and obviously was the runt, but this beautiful tricolor dutch pig is all attitude! He isn't afraid to push his bigger brothers out of the way to see what's going on, and has been known to use them as a stepladder to see something interesting. This little boy's middle name is probably mischief, but we just can't get past how adorable he is...

And Qunicy's new cagemate--ASTRO!

Astro is "super sweet, spoiled, knows his name, and fiesty as all get-out!" He is a beautiful flirtatious piggy who loves toys, is active and a climber. He and Quincy make quite the striking pair!

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