Saturday, February 23, 2008

Want to help represent the Lollypop Guild?

The Lollypop Farm in Fairport has a call out for material and financial donations. I've copied it below if you would like to offer your assistance to a very deserving shelter.

"Hi fellow pet lovers. Consider donating your CL item to Lollipop, or make a cash donation. Visit the animals, too. They need to see some friendly faces. Maybe bring one home with you? You will not regret it, and neither will they."

For the Animal Shelter

Pet Food: Guinea Pig food, Rabbit food, Hamster food, Cockatiel/Parakeet food, Large Parrot food, Ferret food, Science Diet cans of cat food, Treats for cats, dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs. (My note: GPs=no food with multicolored pieces, corn, etc. oxbow is best, kaytee adequate (not fiesta), fruit branches are bad, check online at guinealynx before you send anything you're not positive about).

Pet Supplies : Kuranda Dog Beds, Litter pans (small size), Cat litter (non-clumping), Yesterday's News, Carefresh, Feline Pine or other pelleted litter, Dog and cat nail clippers, Silverware - for serving canned food, Newspapers, Blankets, Towels (bath sized or larger), Laundry detergent, Liquid Dish detergent, Swiffer type cleaning products, Bleachmisc - cat hide - n - perch box, Have-a-Heart traps, A cash donation for Hide-N-Perch boxes for our cats

Pet Toys: Plastic rolling balls, Large size dog toys (at least 4" in diameter), Plain wooden blocks, Small stuffed animals, Cat condos, Large kong-type hard rubber toys, Rabbit toys like bunny bounce back, chewblocks & plastic slinkies.

Clinic Supplies - Help the Clinic by making a donation toward the purchase of these items.

Surgery instrument packs for spay/neuter surgeries - $300, need 3 sets, Monetary donations for lab work (specifically for testing tumors) - $50 per test, 5 tests per month, Animal ear thermometer, Rubber gloves (exam and dishwashing types) Feline Pine Litter and Pellet Litter Rubbing Alcohol and Betadine, New shaving clippers, External fixator set - $600, Veterinary Heating pad - $200, Surgical packs (need 4) - $150 each, Breathing circuit - $100, Breathing bag and mask - $50, Instrument trays (need 4) - $50 each

Law Enforcement Supplies: Any canned dog or cat food with pop tops, Any 5 lb. bags of dry dog or cat food, Baby wipes

Office Equipment & Supplies: Ball Point Pens, Postage Stamps, Polaroid 600 and Spectra High Definition Film, Reams of copy paper, Folding luggage cart (to transport event supplies)

Educational Supplies: Used pet magazines such as Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Bird Talk, etc.

Gift Cards or Certificates: Gift cards to local gas stations for our PAT or Law Enforcement vehicles, Gift certificates to local restaurants for our "Employee of the month," Gift certificates to Michaels for our Education Program, Airline Frequent Flyer Miles, Gift certificates to Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy fabric to make our cat quilts

For the Farm: Pitch forks, Shaving forks, Horse de-wormers - ivermectin or panacur oral paste, Straw, Pine shavings, 1st cutting timothy mix hay (no mold or dust), Grain: Blue Seal Rider, Blue Seal Shep 16, Blue Seal Grower Cal, Blue Seal Pig/Sow, Alfalfa Bits, Cracked Corn, Rubbermaid garbage cans (30-40 gallons), Plastic insulated dog houses or dogloos - must have a bottom, brooms, shovels, rakes, hose reels, lead ropes, equine equipment in good, working condition for tack sale

Would you like to donate to, volunteer at,
or adopt from a shelter,
but the Lollypop Farm isn't convenient?

Find one nearby--
it's easy!

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