Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Very sadly, I have to end posting of AAGP until further notice. Other time commitments in my life have made the upkeep of this blog impossible. Please visit these sites to find guinea pigs in your region:

National Search Engines:

PetHarbor / Pet Finder / Pets911

National Message Boards:

Guinea Lynx / Guinea Pig Cages
/ Guinea Pig Home / Cavy Madness / Pigloo

Local rescues/shelters whose websites may differ from national search engines:

Lolly Pop Farm in Fairport (NY) / Berk's County Animal Rescue League (PA) / Saratoga County Animal Shelter (NY) / Animal Protective Foundation (NY)

Please visit my new site in the meantime:

Sponsor A Pig!

SPONSOR A GUINEA PIG! Where a dollar makes a difference.

Sponsor a Guinea Pig features one special needs guinea pig a month from a different rescue across the country. These guinea pigs are unadoptable due to old age and/or extensive medical issues. They rely on donations for their ongoing care. By featuring one needy pig a month, donators know that their small donations are cumulatively making a big difference!


Landhermie said...

They usually have guinea pigs at the Lackawanna County Humane Society in Northeast PA. They don't put them on Petfinder, though.

S.B. said...

Thanks LH! Please post here when you know of any specific pigs.

S.B. said...

Echo, thank you for your comment and for the Craigslist pigs you posted! I actually had seen those listings and decided not to post them--I've got a certain criteria for what Craigslist posts I feature to make sure that I'm not posting backyard breeders or other people who intentionally add to the homeless animal population. I'm sure I leave out some legit ads with it, but I figure I better safe than sorry!

The first ad didn't have a reason for rehoming, so I was worried it could be a backyard breeder who offers supplies with their pigs.

The other ad read like it could have been a back yard breeder stopping after one litter.

Hope you understand! Please (anyone!) always feel free to send ads.

echo said...

I understand completely :) In fact, it's good that you're trying to be as safe as possible...

When I'm searching for a piggie (or piggies) to adopt, I usually go straight to Petfinder to see if anyone at the local shelters needs a home.
I never thought of looking on Craigslist before, but I saw you had some listings included and thought it might be worth a shot. I'm glad I contacted you about them -- for some reason, it didn't occur to me that they might be backyard breeders. Even if they aren't, like I said, I agree that it's better to be safe than sorry.

Though if I run across any ads in the future, I'll be sure to send them in :)