Saturday, March 15, 2008

NY-Craigslist-Five Entries

Brevity for the sake of Sanity!

LISTING REMOVED. Suffolk County, NY: Young boar named Franklin being rehomed due to move. Comes with food and cage, has never bitten anyone.

LISTING REMOVED. Queens, NY: PREGNANCY ALERT. COED HOUSING. Two adults (male and female) and two two month old babies for adoption, come with cage and water bottle. If you are not interested in br33ding, and adding to the hundreds of homeless guinea pigs in this region alone, they need to either be divided by sex, or the boars need to be neutered by a cavy savvy vet so they can live with their family again.

LISTING REMOVED Cicero, NY: Two guinea pigs for reasonable adoption fee, come with cage and water bottle. Email for pictures, call if interested in adopting.

LISTING REMOVED. Miller Place, NY: Friendly white guinea pig comes with cage and water bottle.

LISTING REMOVED Catskills, NY: Three tricolored shorthaired guinea pigs born March 5th ready in one/two weeks. Born to petstore mother, owners unaware she was pregnant. All have been handled, are shy but friendly and adorable and are eating guinea pig food and drinking out of the water bottle. Will screen, email for more information. (This is great that the people are rehoming the pigs instead of giving them back to the petstore--if you do that the petstore makes money off of their mistake, and puts more guinea pigs through their "no screening" process).

helpful links: Quality Hay and Pellets in bulk & Pampering your Pig & Cheaper, Larger Cages & Bedding & Essential Guinea Supplies & Proper Diet & Cavy Savvy Vets & "What's Normal? What's Not?" & Social Life & Boy or Girl? & "What is Rescuing and Adopting?" & Social Cause Marketing & Guinea Pigs in DC/MD/VA


Anonymous said...

"Miller Place, NY: Friendly white guinea pig comes with cage and water bottle."

This one didn't respond to my email.

S.B. said... was just posted, might be for your ad?

Anonymous said...

There to far then Im looking for closer

This one - Queens, NY:
I taked with her & she said the female- male & Male babies are all still in the same cage so whoever takes the female she's prob pregnant

S.B. said...

Oooch, thanks for the warning. What area specifically are you looking for? If you register with GuineaLynx they'd help you in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

i think i found one im waiting on approval right now :D


S.B. said...

That's great!

Anonymous said...

more info :D

miller place , ny
is a male & hes adorable !!

here he is

S.B. said...

Horribly belated thank you!

Thank you to everyone who posts things like this in the comments, I'm just cruddy at replying back. Will try harder!