Saturday, March 8, 2008

NY-Craigslist-Lots of pigs including babies

*If responding to a Craigslist ad meet in a public place, or go with a friend. Google the phone number of the poster to
ensure it matches the name he or she gives *

LISTING REMOVED. Brooklyn, NY: Over eight guinea pigs to give away because new landlord does not allow them (yeah, I can get that). Those pictured look like babies. Why not an exact number? If you go, try to choose two of a same sex pair so they have a friend, if you choose boys at around three months (or earlier) they may become unbonded playing quienes mas macho pero with buddy baths, etc. you can likely bond them together again. But guineas need a friend! Remember that always! (Unless you can't support two, then just make the life of one happy. Or if you have a rare pig who wants to be an only pig).

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