Friday, March 7, 2008

PA-Companion Animal Rescue Elite Services-Four baby pigs

Companion Animal Rescue Elite Services; Ephrata, PA: ADOPTED! Abercrombie, ADOPTED! Calvin and Klein, and ADOPTED! Holliseter!

: If you work with a rescue or shelter and rarely receive guinea pigs, or receive guinea pigs that you are unsure of their sex, or have a health question, register with GuineaLynx and ask if there is a member in the area who can help you. Or even if your question can be answered online! (You can do this even if you don't work with a shelter or rescue, and are an adopter with a few (or a lot) or questions!) I say this because:

GUINEA PIG LESSON: Male guinea pigs are sexually mature at three weeks, and female guinea pigs are mature at four weeks. These four pigs have been housed together at the age of six weeks, so if it is in any way a co-ed group a pregnancy watch should be done. That's why a GuineaLynx member is heading over to separate the piggies by sex!

On to the piggies!

Abercrombie is the shyest of the four piggies, but he is still sweet and does not mind being held.

Calvin and Klein are very sweet and also do not mind being held, and are the most outgoing of the four. They are a pair of bonded boys!

Holliseter is sweet as well, does not mind being held, and I imagine is average on the scale of outgoingness.

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