Saturday, March 29, 2008

PA-Judge's Park-Bonded Survivor Sows!

Judge's Park; Edinburg, PA: ADOPTED! Anna and ADOPTED! River!

Anna is in foster care. She was born approximately in June 2007 . "This is one sweet little baby." Anna and cagemate River were found in a box on the edge of a river in the middle of the winter. The poor pair were just left to die, but Judge's Park took them in. Anna is a sweet girl who doesn't mind being picked up at all. The rescue thinks she might be pregnant, and so she is not leaving until she has her babies sometimes around May 15th. JP will be accepting applications for these miracle girls until that time. Anna's eyes do look more white than normal, but they are perfectly healthy--she just looks a bit perpetually surprised!

The rescue thinks that River was born in December 2007, and that she is Anna's daughter. River is calm once you pick her up, but it takes some patience to get her there! She can be skittish and hasn't had handling before then. You've stolen her heart though if you have food. She is very personable though, and food really is the way to her heart. She's a healthy girl who's on pregnancy watch.

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