Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NJ-Craigslist-two bonded sows (Mahwah)

*If responding to an ad by an individual, meet in a public place
or go with a friend. Google the phone number of the poster to

ensure it matches the name he or she gives *

LISTING REMOVED Mahwah, NJ: Two adult guinea girls being rehomed due to not enough time (busy with twins-yikes!). Poster is looking for an experienced piggie person. The ad says the pigs are healthy and have been well taken care of. They should go to the same home since they're bonded. Adoption fee includes with food/bedding/hay plus water bottles and food dishes.

As I'm against br33ding, I'm going to say that neither pig in the ad should be br3d (s/he says just one can't be). There is a 20% mortality rate when you br33d your pigs--it is NOT better for their health to be br3d. This is a GUINEA PIG MYTH. GUINEA PIG FACT: Not only does it cost the lives of guinea pigs in the shelter, br33ding may cost the lives of the guinea pigs in your home.

There are more guinea pigs then there are homes. Plain Fact. Buying a guinea pig from someone who intentionally adds to this overpopulation is denying a home to a shelter or rescue pig. There aren't enough homes to pick up the slack.

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