Sunday, April 20, 2008

NY-Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society- Two Young Boars and two Adult Sows

Mohawk Hudson River Humane Society; Menands, NY: LISTING REMOVED Coco, LISTING REMOVED Cupcake, LISTING REMOVED Oculus and LISTING REMOVED Max! Coco is a small adult female, Cupcake is a small adult female, and Oculus and Max are small young boars.

OCULUS: Please look up the dangers of br33ding a roan (the special pattern in Oculus') fur. It should never be done (br33ding should never be done either, on the chance a guinea pig might be a carrier of a roan gene alone). It can result in a "lethal" guinea pig: a white guinea pig with red eyes, no teeth, who is blind and death and barely able to survive.

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