Saturday, June 7, 2008


A hearty congratulations offered to the Adopters and Adoptees of this latest...


Abigail, Bevo, Junie and Spaetzle were adopted from the Have-A-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue, a fabulous rescue that has hundreds of guinea pigs available for adoption in DE, PA, and NJ. This rescue has wonderful foster families, and is always looking for more!

Abigail, Bevo, Junie and Spaetzle came to the rescue in two pairs from a local shelter, and all four were delivered to the director in a box :( . Somehow they were getting along great! So the four were posted together on Petfinder (with the option to be adopted in pairs). They are such great proof of how happy guinea pigs are in groups. Just look at their faces and how smushed together these girls are; they became best friends in rescue!

Luckily, in their adoptive homes all four get to stick together! They were adopted by the people who knew them best, their foster momma and poppa. When foster poppa heard that someone was interested in adopting two of the girls, he said "My girls are not going anywhere!"

A little background on these beautiful girls:

NewCamera617-1.jpg picture by guineapinny

The girls are so bonded you can't tell who came in with whom, but it does
seem like Abigail and Spaetz are sisters, since their faces are so similar.
Junie is the only abby and all the other girls are crested. They love their
cozies and are so happy in their new (old!) forever home!



How neat is this? Their momma immortalized the girls in sculpy!

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