Friday, June 13, 2008

NY-Craigslist-Hudson Valley YARD SALE GUINEA PIG

*If responding to an ad by an individual, meet in a public place
or go with a friend. Google the phone number of the poster to
ensure it matches the name he or she gives *

LISTING REMOVED New City, Rockland County: A guinea pig is being sold at a yard sale tomorrow morning 9 AM. This is just setting up for a disastrous impulse buy. I hope the guinea pig isn't outside. He or she could quickly die from heat stroke. Piggy comes with cage.

Do me a favor, dear reader, if you are near this neighborhood but aren't able to save the guinea pig yourself, could you print out and place a GuineaLynx Care Guide near the cage (with permission)? And make sure s/he's not out in the sun? If the guinea pig is, try and convince the owners to put him inside, perhaps with a sign saying there's a guinea pig indoors. Failing that, move piggy into the shade.

* AAGP recommends quarantining any new guinea pigs
for 2-3 weeks and confirming the sex yourself.
Many sad accidents or "accidents" can be avoided this way. *

helpful links: Where to Begin? General Care Guide & Quality Hay and Pellets in bulk & Pampering your Pig & Cheaper, Larger Cages & Bedding & Essential Guinea Supplies & Proper Diet & Cavy Savvy Vets & "What's Normal? What's Not?" & Social Life & Boy or Girl? & "What is Rescuing and Adopting?" & Social Cause Marketing & Guinea Pigs in MD/VA/DC .

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