Wednesday, July 9, 2008

PA-The Humane Society of Harrisburg Area,Inc.-Adoption Event!

Humane Society of Harrisburg Area, Inc.; Harrisburg, PA: Christmas in July! THIS WEEKEND!

Quoting from the Craigslist post:


I wanted to let you know that THIS weekend only, at the humane society, they will be having Christmas in July! Saturday (12th) & Sunday (13th) from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.

ALL adoptions (rats, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, etc...) will be HALF off!!!
Thats a HUGE savings!! :) Especially considering these animals come with ALL their shots, most are housetrained, they know basic commands, AND are spayed/neutered, and are micro-chipped- should they ever get lost/stolen.

They have small dogs (surprisingly including yorkies, chihuahuas, pugs, jack russels, wiener dogs, etc.), and LOTS of big dogs. They're not ALL pit bulls. They do have some labs, retrievers, beagles, etc.
the small dogs DO go fast... so, be on the lookout, and act quickly! :)

However, i DO know from experience, pit bulls are AMAZING & loving pets!! :)

Anyways, there will be LOTS of vendors there selling things, a bake sale, available pets, and lots more!!
Please send this on to ANYONE you know who may be looking to add to their household with a new pet! :)
I'm a true believer in a "house is not a home without a pet".... They're the person that will love you no matter what!!
Even this to anyone who's interested in just coming out & buying a yummy brownie & helping raise money for these poor animals (alot of which have been in the SAME kennel for over 10 months or more :( )

Don't have room, money, or enough love to adopt?? Become an animals "guardian angel"... where you put money TOWARDS their adoption! Which increases their chance of finding a home (because they're cheaper)!!! :)

Anyways.... thanks for listening, and please spread the word!! :)

Here is the website if you'd like more info...


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