Sunday, August 3, 2008


Time for a...

Happy Adoption Stories feature just that-a story that ends happily for a guinea pig, but may not have necessarily started that way. This entry's story is about a guinea pig named Chance and is told by Kelly, a member of GuineaLynx.

"This is Chance's story. Chance is a young male Guinea Pig found and rescued from the SPCA. He was living in deplorable conditions. He was in a small carrier without food and water, and was in at least an inch of his own waste. He was very thin, and looked close to death. He was brought to the shelter, where he was given a clean cage, food,water, and hay. He spent a few weeks there. Someone on Guinea Lynx heard about him, and posted it in the forum. I saw it, and because I was nearby the shelter, I emailed them to inquire about him.

...I went there a few days later to see him, and what a beauty he was! He looked pretty healthy, other than still being underweight. The moment I started talking to him, he started wheeking loudly, and popcorned and zoomed around his cage like crazy! I knew he had to come home with me! It was as if he knew I was there to give him a second chance to live the life of a spoiled pig! I signed the papers, packed him up, and away we went to his forever home.

He was quiet for the ride home, happily munching on a carrot and some of KM's hay I brought for him. I put him in his cage and gave him pellets and hay, which he started eating right away. Every time I pass his cage I talk to him, and he still gets excited! The day I brought him home he weighed only 1lb 11 1/2 ounces. Today he weighs 2 lbs 2 oz! Quite a gain in 3 weeks! He is a very happy little boy now! He loves all his veggies, and really loves KM's hay and pellets.

He had a check up at my vet's office to be sure he was healthy and not harboring anything from his previous horrible situation. He is still underweight, but gaining steadily. He had a case of lice, which is being treated with Advantage. Other than that, he is healthy. The vet said he probably would not have lasted much longer in the conditions he was kept in.

Thank you SPCA for saving his life! He will live a life of luxury for the rest of his life! I think he had an angel looking out for him, and this same angel guided me to him to bring him home with me, where he belongs. I hope he forgot his previous life and only remembers life with me. He is a very friendly little guy, and loves being talked to. He is getting used to being handled, too. Frequently, he snuggles into my neck and takes a nap! He is also my loudest wheeker at veggie time! Who knew such a little guy had such a good set of lungs! He was named Chance because he is getting a second chance at life. I am thankful I am able to give him this chance.

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