Friday, December 21, 2007

PA-Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue-New pigs!

Okay, I need to apologize to you, my reading public. I have delayed getting the latest Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue pigs to you, and both you and the piggies suffer. Since you haven't seen a Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue pig for a while, and someone just stumbling upon this blog may be seeing them for the first time, I have to warn you: They are very cute. You can't adopt just one. I mean I think you can if you already have a pig, etc. It was just a potato chip joke like in the good old days.

Case in point: ADOPTED! Tribbles and Nibbles. These bonded boys are cutie-pie cousins and are about three months old. Tribbles is a black, caramel and white abby, and Nibbles is a caramel and white short hair. Nibbles hair is very soft, and longer than the average short hair piggies'.

These guys are wind-up guineas, zooming around for food and hay, and very vocally expecting more food and hay as any good guinea pig will. They nibble on fingers, but it's not hard biting. We fostered two boy babies who did the same thing--our director suggested blowing lightly in their faces after they nip to discourage them. (And if you have this happen with an older or skittish piggie, this is also a good approach. One reason piggies bite or nip is because they want to go back in the cage. If they nip and then you put them back in the cage, they learn that nipping gets them what they want. If they nip and you blow lightly on their faces, then pet them until they're comfortable in your lap, they'll learn nipping doesn't work. Unless you have a pig who likes a nice breeze!)

These boys get along great, but since they'll enter adolescence soon they really need the C&C cage which PLGPR requires. Boar adolescence is a few months of shifting dominance and grumpy teen angst. Once they stop dying their hair you know it's over.

LISTING REMOVED. Emma and Trixie are two beautiful, beautiful ladies. They both have crests, which are little crowns marking the kings and queens of the guinea pig world. They are a year and a half old to two years old. Emma is the darker tan short hair, and Trixie is the lighter tan with the white racing stripe down her back. They are big ol' girls, which means they are perfect for cuddling.

These sassy girls get along well with other guinea gals, so introductions to a pre-existing herd would probably go well. They sound very active and vocal, and expect to be treated like the guinea royalty they are. Fill your crisper drawer now--from the listing I think these two like to eat.

Trixie's favorite hang out is a hat or cozy sak, and Emma is a hidey-home girl. Might be a good idea to get one of each anyway--sometimes a pig's favorite hang out is where her mate is (and not because the mate's there, but because she shouldn't be!).

If ADOPTED! Jerry Lee looks familiar, it's because he's one of the first guinea pigs available for adoption from PLGPR. He used to be available for adoption with his dad, but they were fighting for a while, and dad actually found a forever home. Now Jerry Lee, eight to nine months old and so probably nearing the end of adolescence, is looking for a friend. A laid-back guy or a spayed female would be best.

Jerry Lee is full of energy, very vocal, and so used to people he'll let generally let you pick him up without a problem. He loves being held, and loves attention both from guinea pigs and people. He really sounds like a great little pig.


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