Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NJ/NY-GuineaLynx-Two males, one female (need fosters or adopters)

WITH A RESCUE(R)! Northern NJ, NYC Area: Poster received word that some guinea pigs had been abandoned outside in Queens, and saved three baby guinea pigs in an open field where birds and a cat were nearby. All three guinea pigs (two males, one female) are being quarantined, but no one is altered.

The first, larger boy is an abby, and is white with a black face. The second boy is quite small but very vocal, and is a tortie abby/ texel mix (though it's hard to make a completely accurate guess, as his hair is at the baby stages, and his coat is still recuperating from being outside). The only female is a tortie-mostly-black abby.

Everyone is thin with "war wounds on their ears," but the poster says they are "doing very well generally, healthy, happy, and even popcorning, wheeking, and burbling."

I would double check about the fostering--whether that meant you'd be fostering for the poster, or if you already work with a rescue and have an available foster spot open. Angel work folks!

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