Saturday, March 1, 2008

NY-Lollpop Farm in Fairport-Review and new pigs

Lollypop Farm in Fairport, NY: Sylvia, Nutterbutters, Flash, and Satch!

Once again, proof that I'm not lying when I say the Lollypop Guild gets some of the most precious GPs in the country:

LISTING REMOVED. Sylvia is--a girl, and that's all they're saying!

LISTING REMOVED. Nutterbutters is a one year old female:

LISTING REMOVED. Flash is an eight month old male:

LISTING REMOVED. Satch is a one year old one month male:

GUINEA PIG LESSON: Satch has a very beautiful element to his fur called roaning. One of many reasons why I'm against br33ding (and why this blog does not support br33ding), is because if a roan pig is br3d with with a roan pig (or if a dal pig, another br33d, is br3d with a dal pig), there is a one in four chance a lethal pig will be born. Lethal pigs are very, very special needs, if they live more than a few days. Please don't ever br33d your pigs, as there is a high chance of fatality for the mother. But if you have a pig with white fur and some black spots (a dal pig), or black markings such as Satch, please, please don't br33d them. Your pig may create a blind, deaf pig with no teeth who relies on you for care. And with so many hundreds of homeless pigs, why br33d in the first place?

GUINEA PIG LESSON FOR ME! Thank you to a friend of mine on GuineaLynx who pointed out a very significant error in the above lesson. Roaning is not just black mixed through with white, but any color mixed through with white in a similar pattern to Satch's. Thank you GL friend! GL is a place where you continually learn more and more about GPigs. I encourage anyone who has guinea pigs, or is considering getting guinea pigs, to join.

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