Saturday, March 1, 2008

PA-Craigslist-Two Listings

* If responding to a Craigslist ad meet in a public place, or go with a friend. Google the phone number of the poster to
ensure it matches the name he or she gives *

LISTING REMOVED. Penn State, PA: Well poor pig, but of benefit to of the person who adopts him is that he comes with this C&C cage, as well a water bottle, food dish, food, hay, and bedding. The guinea is a boy and ten months old. He is "well tempered" and has never bitten anyone. Being rehomed because the guinea pig doesn't get enough attention. Get him a friend when you adopt him!

POST DELETED. Mt. Lebanon, PA: Reasonable rehoming fee for white pig with ruby eyes and black ears. Loves to cuddle and eat veggies. Doesn't get enough veggies in current home. Comes with cage, food, and other accessories.

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