Thursday, March 13, 2008

PA-Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association-Young boar

Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association, PA: ADOPTED! Sam!

I love this bio because it's one of those that's written where you can tell that the author really, really loves the animal they're writing about. So I'm just going to quote it in full, because they know Sam better than I ever will.

"Sam is a very social guinea pig who loves to talk if you’re willing to listen. His squeaks are the cutest thing I’ve ever heard and sometimes it even sounds like he’s purring. That’s one smart guinea pig if you ask me! Sam is a sweetheart who enjoys a gentle petting as long as you come at him slowly. But watch out once you start petting him. He’ll never want you to stop! And neither will you. He’ll be the best friend you’ve always wanted and he’ll even let you know with excitement how he’s feeling. Sam would be a perfect addition to a loving family who always wanted a small animal. Guinea pigs are fun, just ask Sam!"

Aren't his markings gorgeous?

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Katherine said...

Hey, I have a listing I would like to ad as well.

S.B. said...

I did an expanded version of the post too, please add anything you'd like in the comments and I can potentially add it to the ad.