Thursday, March 13, 2008

PA-Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue-Herd Update

Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue; Latrobe, PA: Herd Update!
ADOPTED!Picture of Hamlet & Rothbart Hamlet & Rothbart & ADOPTED! Picture of Hercules & Zeus Hercules & Zeus & ADOPTED! Picture of Chester & Milton Chester & Milton & ADOPTED! Picture of Madame Mim Madame Mim & ADOPTED! Picture of Eleanor Eleanor & ADOPTED! Picture of Cronus Cronus & ADOPTED! Picture of Gabriella & Gertru Gabriella &ADOPTED! Picture of Glenda & Norma Jea Glenda & Norma Jean & Picture of Duchess & Marie Duchess & Marie & ADOPTED!Picture of Templeton & Ludo Templeton & Ludo & Picture of Rex Rex & Picture of Ash Ash & Picture of Roxy & Ivy Roxy & Ivy & ADOPTED! Picture of Hades Hades & Picture of Boobits & Hagrid Boobits & Hagrid & ADOPTED! Picture of Finley Finley &ADOPTED! Picture of Albert & Einstein Albert & Einstein !

ADOPTED!Finley is one year old this month. Happy Birthday Finley! If you want to adopt him as his present, you'll have to wait; this adorable boy isn't available until April second. The poor guy hasn't been housed with other guinea pigs since he was a young two month old, so the rescue is going to throw him a birthday party and see how does with other pigs. Hopefully Finley will even find "his special bonded cage mate." That's BCM or BFF in piggie speak.

He is an adorable piggie who doesn't mind being picked up at all, and likes to explore. He's also kind of a hefty guy, weighing between 2 1/2 to 3 pounds (so a large slice of carrot birthday cake his way, please!). He also loves hay, chinnies, being pet, and forever homes!

Albert & Einstein are two very bonded adult pink eyed white piggie boys. They come from a rescue of a testing lab all the way in Canada. Though they were never tested on, these poor guys were never socialized until the abfab ladies at PLGPR worked their magic.

These two were the most skittish of the six who were rescued, so they spent time with the personal pigs. Now the rescue says they are the sweetest pigs you'll ever meet. They're even their favorites out of the PEW rescue!

It makes sense reading about them. They're so bonded they sleep in one hidey home, even though they have two. And the birthdays are known of all the pigs from their nametags except for Einstein, because this little rebel hated his so much he ate it! (Albert was born 5-12-06).

They love hay, especially running and jumping in it, and even prefer it to veggies. They are vocal boys, especially to get your attention! They could potentially bond with a single male or another pair.

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