Sunday, April 27, 2008

NJ-Friends of Homeless Animals-Nutley Two Pairs (FF/MM)

Friends of Homeless Animals of Northern New Jersey; Hawthorne, NJ: Sugar/Spice and Othello/Hamlet!

Sugar/Spice are guinea girls in a foster home in Nutley, NJ. They were rescued from the local animal shelter. As they are skittish it's preferred if people with guinea pig experience are their lucky adopters. They're adults. Donations toward their care are appreciated, and contact information is listed at their link.

Othello/Hamlet are two tragic heroes who have bonded in foster care, also in Nutley! Othello is black and white and a "long haired Abby" (I think of Abbies as medium length, so I'll mark this as both). He is eight months old. He was surrendered when the poor guy developed a bad case of mites--an easily treatable condition. He's in tip top shape now and ready for adoption. Piggy or Hamlet is a black and white American who is 1 1/2, and bonded with Othello. Good luck boys! Donations toward their care are appreciated. Contact information available at their link.

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