Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NY-Safe Haven Rescue-Adult/Senior GPs, M & F

Safe Haven Rescue; Syracuse, NY: LISTING REMOVED Male and Female!

Thank you so much to the GuineaLynx user who helped me with this post. For other people with slow computers, it's a Tripod site, so be forewarned! That doesn't mean the guinea piggies are any easier to catch, or any less likely to grab your heart. Thanks again JennG!

The adorable boy is three or four years old, and is a sweetheart. He begs at the side of his cage for his morning hay (the refill of the unlimited amount), and is just absolutely adorable. Look at that face! He needs a bit of work with handling, but is calm once you've got him.

The adorable, sweet girl is two or three years old. She is looking for a forever home, ideally one with adults. She likes her hidey home and can be a bit shy, but is vocal once in your arms (she likes to purr). She never bites but is hard to catch (like most pigs). These two are such adorable pigs! They aren't bonded.

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