Friday, May 2, 2008

PA-Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue-Bonded male trio

Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue; Lower Burrell, PA: ALL THREE ADOPTED! Cameron, Brock, and Murray!

I must share the opening line of the bio "Cameron is such a little gentleman." He is a four month old boy who is part of a bonded trio. He has recovered from bite wounds of an aggressive male and a previously insufficient caretaker, and is now ready for a forever home and lots of love! He's a bit shy but warms up quickly, even giving kisses. He's bonded with two pigs named Murray and Brock, and the director of the rescue really wishes for the three to be adopted together. I bet Murray, Brock, and Cameron all hope for the same! They've all had a hard life before they came to the rescue, and separating them now would be a shame.

Here's a great quote from the rescuer: "I personally believe that all piggies should live in threes. They get very bonded, and if one cagemate should pass, at least they still have one of their friends, which helps keep them from going into a nasty depression. These three need to stay together."

Brock is a very young piggie, and is gorgeous and sweet to boot! A quote from his bio: "His white coloration has a stunning mother-of-pearl gloss to it that is the nicest I've ever seen." What a catch! Brock and Cameron are dear friends, having met in the rescue. They share their cage with Murray, an older fellow at 1.5 years old, and the three of them are happy as little guinea clams. They would be a great trio for a forever home to adopt.

Murray sounds like a one of a kind wonder pig. To again quote the bio's author, "In all honest, I have never been so captivated by a guinea pig as I am with Murray...Murray is one of the sweetest and most gentle of creatures on the face of this earth." What a guy! Before Brock and Cameron, Murray had never had a guinea friend. He's never been abused nor neglected, but he'd spent his whole life without piggy company. Now he's finally got the chance to be adopted with his two first and best piggy friends!

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