Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PA-Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania

Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh, PA: Jessie!

Jessie is a small young female being housed in the ARL's rabbit room. GUINEA PIG LESSON: Guinea pigs and rabbits should never be housed together because the rabbit's legs have a powerful kick that can easily injure the pig, and they are also commonly carriers of bordatella and pasteurella, which is very serious when contracted by guinea pigs.

* AAGP recommends quarantining any new guinea pigs
for 2-3 weeks and confirming the sex yourself.
Many sad accidents or "accidents" can be avoided this way. *

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Virginia said...

Very true, never house a rabbit with a guinea pig, even if your rabbit seems to be a gentle bunny. Also, if you are a busy person, its good to have a couple of guinea pigs to keep eachother company. If you have one guinea pig, play with it at least once a day. Give your piggie fresh greens every day. Avoid iceberg lettuce, celery(its hard to digest), brocally, and potatoes and beans.