Tuesday, December 25, 2007

NJ-Have-a-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue

Due to increased time commitments, I am no longer going to be able to update past entries of some of the larger rescues such as Have-A-Heart and NJGPHR. Once a week or so I will update the herd of the respective rescues.

Merry Christmas to applicable parties! To everyone else, I hope you have an awesome day. I'm sorry everything's closed. So, since I'm taking a temporary hiatus on posting CL ads, I can feature a great bunch of Have-A-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue pigs. Here's the deal: they're a network of foster homes in DE, NJ, and PA. They're always looking for more foster homes. And below are all of their new pigs without pictures, a few pigs who have been around for a bit, and then a list of all NJ pigs.

Alvin is a cute two and a half year old boar who was given up because of allergies. Alvin is used to dogs and cats (and daredevil adventure, I would guess from his name). He is a brown agouti and white Crested American mix (ooh, crested!). Alvin, though he may not like it, is accepting donations toward his neuter.

Buttercup and Brownie are two girls who need a foster home (loving, permanent homes also being accepted). They joined the rescue on December 22nd because their owners could no longer care for them. Buttercup is a cute tri color American, and Brownie is a lovely sounding brown agouti, rust and white American. They're both about eight months old, and are used to dogs and cats.

Peppi is the adoptive mother to Piper and Pammy and they must be adopted together. Peppi came to the rescue on April Fools day, 2007, because her owner could no longer care for her. Peppi's cagemate passed away after giving birth (20% of birthing sows will not make it through), and so Peppi stepped up wonderfully as mom. Peppi is a brown agouti and white American.

The babies, born on April 20th of 2007, are both tri-color Americans. If you aren't able to adopt, why not consider donating toward their spays?

is a small young boar who arrived at the rescue in late December because his familly no longer could care for him. This adorable rust and white American needs a foster home. He is a year old, and used to kids, dogs, and cats. Can't adopt or foster? Consider making a donation toward his neuter.

Lovey and Cottonball are former herd-mates of Al. The girls must be adopted together. They will become available for adoption in mid-February because Lovey is on pregnancy watch. Like Al, the two girls are used to kids, dogs and cats. Lovey is a one year old cute brown agouti, rust and white American girl. Cottonball was born on December 15th, and she is a tri-color American, and I'm sure quite cute. If you've wanted to foster for a baby, here's your chance! They're looking for a foster home while they wait out the pregnancy watch. If you can't foster or adopt, consider making a donation toward their spays. Their long term health and the animal overpopulation problem will thank you!

Bandit and Big Daddy are a bonded pair, so they must be adopted together. The boys have been in the rescue since mid-April. They were dropped off at the local shelter because they were no longer wanted by their owners. But Bandit is a super hero!

The pair is used to being around kids, dogs, and cats. Bandit was three weeks old when he joined the rescue, and he is the black, blonde, and white American. Big Daddy is his poppa, and is the blonde, lemon agouti and white American. If you can't adopt them, why not considering donating toward their neuters?

LISTING REMOVED. Starlet is another piggie in need of a foster home. her bio doesn't say much, but she sounds beautiful. She is a silver agouti and white American mix--so elegant! She's used to being around dogs and cats. If you can't adopt or foster her, why not consider donating toward her spay? Then she can be paired with either boars or sows, which will greatly increase her chances of adoption.

Duke and Spongebob are two bonded boys who have the totally crappy experience of being adopted and then returned, due to no fault of their own (their owner needed surgery). Both pigs are used to cats, dogs, and kids. Duke is about six months old and is a a cute black and white (ooh) abby. Spongebob is three months old and is a cute black and white American (ooh). Both boys are begrudgingly accepting donations toward their neuters.

Peppi, Piper, and Pammy -- Bandit and Big Daddy -- Harley and Edwin -- CRUELTY CASE LANCASTER -- LISTING REMOVED--> Mae and Nelissa -- Squeek and Mouser -- Toby and Felix -- LISTING REMOVED--> Liz and Freida -- LISTING REMOVED--> Sam -- Snowflake -- Tyson -- Abigal, Spatz, Junie -- Felice and Gucci -- Squash, Blossom, and Penelope -- Alice, Betsy and Claire -- LISTING REMOVED--> Q-Tip and Cupcake -- Speedy and Rocket -- Violet -- LISTING REMOVED--> Snickers and Skittles -- Twila and Drizzle -- Moona -- LISTING REMOVED--> Hershey and Kisses -- LISTING REMOVED--> Harley -- Levi -- Lionel -- Ritchie -- Maxine and Juliet -- Peanut and Butter -- Dorothy and Mia -- LISTING REMOVED--> Rootie, Levi, and Bocelli -- LISTING REMOVED--> Slash -- Ebby, Farina, and Sally -- Squidwird -- Piper -- LISTING REMOVED--> Harvest -- Autumn, Squash, and Acorn -- Doze -- Maurey, Slugger, and Korey -- Gingersnap andTigera -- Moby -- Aden and Bane -- Trooper -- Jitterbug -- ADOPTED!--> Eclair and Creampuff -- Diaz -- BigBoy -- Sylvia, Wheels, Whippet, and Whiskers -- Hunter and Tumbles -- LISTING REMOVED--> Tuxedo, Cider and Patience -- Ralph -- Bubbles and Rose -- LISTING REMOVED--> Peter and Carmel -- Leah and RoxyDoodle -- Laverne and Shirly -- BeeBee -- Nola -- Pepper -- Santa and Claus -- Cheech, Bonus, Pardo, and Gizzy -- Treetop, Holly, and Mistletoe -- Poinsettia -- Jolene -- Doozer and Jake -- Alex and Grover -- ADOPTED!--> Sweetie Pie -- Janet and Chrissy -- Ginny, Nutcracker, Brownbear and Wolverina -- Toodle, Maze and May -- Puff and Deamo -- LISTING REMOVED--> Cousin It -- Tribble -- ADOPTED!--> Abby and Flower -- LISTING REMOVED--> Nellie2 -- LISTING REMOVED--> Moe -- LISTING REMOVED--> Rusty -- Alvin -- Buttercup and Brownie -- Al -- Lovey and Cottonball -- LISTING REMOVED-->
Starlet -- Duke and Spongebob .


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