Wednesday, December 26, 2007

NJ-North Jersey Guinea Pig Rescue-Silver and Gold piggies

Due to increased time commitments, I am no longer going to be able to update past entries of some of the larger rescues such as Have-A-Heart and NJGPHR. Once a week or so I will update the herd of the respective rescues.

Hey, North Jersey Guinea Pig Rescue has two new pigs! And to celebrate, I'm going to post two of the pigs who have been with them for a while as well. Below the entry is the full list of NJGPR pigs.

ADOPTED! Cocoa is a new pig with NJGPR, and so her picture isn't up yet. She is described, however, as "a pretty one year old dark brown and orange American." Poor Cocoa was given up because her owner moved into an apartment where she can't have pets. Cocoa can be adopted as a friend for the lonely female piggie you may have at home, or she can be adopted with a friend in the rescue.

NickyII is my boar for the day! He is a striking chocolate agouti and white American piggie. Nicky II wound up at the rescue because his family didn't have time for him. Poor boy! The rescue describes him active, but gentle and friendly. They say he can adopted alone or as a friend for a male piggie. He sounds so sweet though! It seems like he'd make an excellent friend for a lonely boar.

ADOPTED! Patty is another one year old piggie. She is a very sweet white American crested piggie girl with beige spots. It sounds like she was given up by the same person as Cocoa, or at least another person moving in to an apartment that does not allow pets. Like Cocoa, she can be paired with a piggie girl who you may already have at home, or a piggie friend she's made in the rescue.

Tina is a beautiful three year old American crested piggie girl. Tina, as well as her mother and four sisters, were given up by a man who had personal difficulties which prevents him from continuing to care for the pigs. Tina is one of those dominant piggies, so she would be paired best with a baby piggie girl.

ADOPTED! Patty & ADOPTED! Cocoa & Fernando &ADOPTED! Lucinda &ADOPTED! Versace & ADOPTED! Daisy & ADOPTED! Rocky and Henry & ADOPTED! Ethel & Lucy & Bobby & Solomon & Robby & Gandolf and Pumpkin & Ushi & ADOPTED! Spanky & ADOPTED! Miranda & Max & ADOPTED! Avery & ADOPTED! Logan & Aragorn & ADOPTED! Giorgio & Tina & Nicky II


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