Monday, February 25, 2008

PA-Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue-Belated Post

Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue, PA: Lots o' pigs! This rescue is based in Latrobe, PA. They have a number of adoptions taking place this week, so their herd will have changed possibly even by the time I press post! If you fall in love with one of their piggies, don't hesitate to contact them and check on his or her status. This rescue is run by some devoted ladies (who could also teach graphic design--check out their website, it's Keen) who also sell C&C cages and their own hay.

Now, as for their herd, I'm going to list it in its entirety here, and then feature two of the piggies not yet mentioned on this blog below. Readers with full houses beware!

ADOPTED! Edgar & Telouis * ADOPTED! Hamlet & Rothbart * ADOPTED! Hercules & Zeus * ADOPTED! Chester & Milton * ADOPTED! Madame Mim * ADOPTED! Eleanor * ADOPTED! Cronus * ADOPTED! Hades * ADOPTED! Fudolou & Fudzmo * ADOPTED! Gabriella * ADOPTED! Bridget * ADOPTED! Cynthia * ADOPTED! Glenda & Norma Jean * Duchess & Marie * ADOPTED! Emma * ADOPTED! Templeton & Ludo * Rex * Ash * Roxy & Ivy * ADOPTED! Dumbledore *

Roxy and Ivy have awesome names, for starters. They sound like they're in a girl band. They're mother and daughter. Roxy is mom and on the right (1y9m--2y) and Ivy is the daughter, born January 1st of 2007. Ivy inherited Roxy's chubby good looks, and they are both sweethearts. Roxy is a laid back girl who is all for cuddling, and will even give you kisses if she likes you. Ivy is a bit skittish at first, but calms down for cuddling once in the lap. They love hiding, but, like most guineas, veggie time puts a stop to that!

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