Monday, March 10, 2008

NJ-North Jersey Guinea Pig and Hamster Rescue Inc.-Update

North Jersey Guinea Pig and Hamster Inc.; Budd Lake, NJ: Herd Update!

Due to increased time commitments, I am no longer going to be able to update past entries of some of the larger rescues such as Have-A-Heart and NJGPHR. Once a week or so I will update the herd of the respective rescues.

Picture of Tina Tina & Picture of Robby Robby & Picture of Fernando Fernando & Picture of Aragorn Aragorn & Picture of Miranda and Bunny Miranda and Bunny & Picture of Max Max & Picture of Lucy Lucy & Picture of Bobby Bobby & Picture of Solomon Solomon & Picture of Furby Furby & Picture of Boris Boris & Picture of Whitey and Sylvest Whitey and Sylvester & Cinnamon and Patches !

Cinnamon and Patches
are the latest additions to the NJGPHR herd!

Cinnamon and Patch came to the rescue because they were not receiving enough attention in their old home.

Cinnamon is the tricolored peruvian piggie (the one with the long hair), and he is two years old. His long hair requires more maintenance than a short hair piggie. He is a very mellow piggie who is friendly and used to being handled.

Patches is nine months old and is a tricolored american, with black, red and white fur. He is the more active and high spirited of the two. They are bonded and so should be adopted together. What a wonderful pair!

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