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PA-Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue-Herd Update

Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue; Latrobe, PA: Herd Update!
ADOPTED! Picture of Hamlet & Rothbart Hamlet & Rothbart &ADOPTED! Picture of Hercules & Zeus Hercules & Zeus & ADOPTED! Picture of Chester & Milton Chester & Milton & ADOPTED! Picture of Madame Mim Madame Mim & ADOPTED! Picture of Eleanor Eleanor & ADOPTED! Picture of Gabriella & Gertru Gabriella &ADOPTED! Picture of Glenda & Norma Jea Glenda & Norma Jean & Picture of Duchess & Marie Duchess & Marie &ADOPTED! Picture of Templeton & Ludo Templeton & Ludo & Picture of Rex Rex & Picture of Ash Ash & Picture of Roxy & Ivy Roxy & Ivy & Picture of Boobits & Hagrid Boobits & Hagrid & ADOPTED! Picture of Finley Finley & ADOPTED! Picture of Albert & Einstein Albert & Einstein & ADOPTED! Picture of Hope Hope & ADOPTED! Picture of Sassy Sassy & ADOPTED! Picture of Miley & Hannah Miley & Hannah & ADOPTED! Picture of Napoleon & Lafayet Napoleon & Lafayette and ADOPTED! Picture of Cronus Cronus .

And welcome to the new additions:

Napoleon and Lafayette and Cronus are now a bonded trio.

Napoleon and Lafayette are brothers who were born on December 5th of last year. They were adopted out previously but did not bond with the adopters' preexisting boar. They're getting along great with Cronus (born 4-6-05), so now the three are a bonded trio. Cronus' had recently grown to dislike his previous cage mate, who was then adopted. It's great that these three found each other.

Napoleon and Lafayette are very vocal, especially when it comes to food. Cronus is a survivor of a testing lab, though he wasn't tested on, but was socialized. Remarkably, Cronus has come to love veggies and hay almost as much as your average guinea! This is a testament to both the ladies at the rescue and to Cronus himself--his inner piggie was just waiting to be spoiled!

Napoleon and Lafayette are young and so still getting used to having to take breaks from running around to be pet and loved on. Cronus, on the other hand, loves to be cuddled and held. It's the best of both worlds with this trio!

Napoleon is larger and a bit more timid, and Lafayette helps him to mellow out. Contact the rescue for more details on this triumvirate.

Hope is two years old to two and a half years old, and will be available for adoption on April 11th. Here's a quote from her bio "Hope came to the rescue when her former owner couldn't provide a stable environment for her to live in. She had mites and needed someone who could get her the treatment she needed. That's why we changed her name to Hope. She has a hope for a new life, with a new forever family. She will be at the rescue for four weeks where she will be treated with for her mites."

Hope is a sweet and friendly girl who loves attention and cuddling. She has never been housed with other female pigs, but when she hears them wheeking she is quite curious. Hope is getting veggies with loads of vitamin C because she's had a deficiency in the past, and she loves it! She can't wait to have a forever home where she gets loads of love.

Sassy is 6 to 7 months old and will be available for adoption on April 9th. During that time the rescue is going to work on socialization, because this sweet but scared little girl is a little unsure of her nice new surroundings. Look at this beauty!

Miley & Hannah are two bonded girls about a year of age. Miley is on the left, and Hannah is on the right. They're available for adoption on April 9th.

These girls are still pretty skittish, but the work of of the rescuers, and the love they'll receive in their forever home, should be enough to bring them out of their shell. They are very curious about all the other piggie sounds, so the rescuers are looking forward to introducing them to other girls once they're done with quarantine.

They are both gorgeous and unique, and that, coupled with their learning trust, I imagine makes you just fall in love. They need a family that isn't expecting them to be cuddle pigs on the first day, but is excited to see how two nervous guineas can unfold into trusting wonder pigs.

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