Friday, April 25, 2008

PA-Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue-Herd Update

Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue; Latrobe, PA: Herd Update!

ADOPTED! Picture of Hamlet & Rothbart Hamlet & Rothbart & ADOPTED! Picture of Hercules & Zeus Hercules & Zeus & ADOPTED! Picture of Glenda & Norma Jea Glenda & Norma Jean & Picture of Duchess & Marie Duchess & Marie & ADOPTED! Picture of Templeton & Ludo Templeton & Ludo & Picture of Rex Rex & Picture of Ash Ash & Picture of Roxy & Ivy Roxy & Ivy & Picture of Boobits & Hagrid Boobits & Hagrid & ADOPTED! Picture of Albert & Einstein Albert & Einstein & ADOPTED! Picture of Miley & Hannah Miley & Hannah & ADOPTED! Picture of Madison & Hailey Madison & Hailey & ADOPTED! Picture of Albert & Einstein& ADOPTED! Picture of Willow & Brooke Willow & Brooke & ADOPTED! Picture of Niles & Alfred Niles & Alfred & ADOPTED! Picture of Archie & Alister Archie & Alister .

Madison and Hailey are a beautiful, unique pair of girls about a year of age. Madison is on the left and is a teddy mix (look of a teddy but fur not as coarse), and Haily is the abby/short hair mix on the right with the gorgeous mark underneath her eye. Madison is curious and loves attention, while Haily is warming up to people and is a little more skittish. They are very sweet once they warm up to new people.

Willow and Brooke are a pair of adorable bonded girls who have that rare but wonderful label "extra large." They're around 10-11 months old. They love food, and eating hay until they fall asleep! They're vocal, demanding, large and in charge, and all they need is a forever home willing to cater to them.

Niles and Alfred are bonded six/seven month old male guinea pigs. Alfred has a very long "rooster tail"! I've always wanted a guinea pig with one of these. They're very laid back, but get excited when people are near their cage. Niles is super friendly and easy to pick up, and Alfred loves lap time and cuddles. They're both big popcorners. They love veggie time, and afterward they know how to re-lax. They pancake flat on their bellies and stick their feet out. Their bio has even more information on these adorable boys.

Archie and Alister are bonded two month old babies who came to the rescue in a group of nine pigs, and stuck together the whole time. They are available for adoption May 5th. These are rowdy boys who are active, love attention and hunting for veggies! Alister (the crested boy) is a handsome boy and he knows it. He is going to grow into such a looker!

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