Sunday, March 2, 2008

NY-Craigslist-Six month old abby

* If responding to a Craigslist ad meet in a public place, or go with a friend. Google the phone number of the poster to
ensure it matches the name he or she gives *

LISTING REMOVED. Selden, NY: Though I have sympathy for the poster of this ad, I don't think s/he is treating the guinea pig s/he is rehoming very fairly. Basically his bonded pair died, and the poster is so distraught s/he can't deal with losing another pet, so s/he is rehoming Truffles (remaining pig) on CL for a too small fee. Though s/he does have high standards for the adopter, Truffles may be going through a severe depression himself by losing his cagemate, and a more calculated rehoming than CL should be done in such a circumstance. Guinea pigs are capable of dying from depression, as they stop eating and drinking. If you adopt Truffles, please don't do so as a single pig.

Truffles is six months old, well socialized to people, and used to a C&C cage. The poster offers continued help after the adoption, which is a very generous of him or her. My condolences to the poster, but I encourage other people in his or her situation to use sites such as GuineaLynx, Guinea Pig Home, or Guinea Pig Adoption Network. These sites are better populated by guinea knowledgeable owners or will be owners.

ETA: My apologies, the poster is also utilizing these sites. I'm going to leave up the links however so other people can benefit from them.

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