Sunday, March 2, 2008

PA-Wish list and piggie reminder for Judge's Park

If you've been following this blog for a while, you may remember a horrific hoarder crisis back in November--150 guinea pigs living in a shed were surrendered to a local animal shelter, who in turn enlisted the help of local rescues. Judge's Park was one such rescue to help, and even now they are feeling the strain of that effort. If you would like to help Judge's Park, there are three ways you can do so! One is a material donation, the second a financial donation, and the third is by adopting one of the poor piggie survivors of the hoarder crisis that have been waiting for a home since November. These pigs and other pigs who have been waiting for homes will be linked to below the wish list.

* To donate please contact the director of Judge's Park at Azeem0510 @ (remove spaces). You can also contact her about:


* Heavy duty vacuum cleaner blankets (used to line the rabbit pens)
* Large cages (C&C preferred)
* Chew toys
* Newspaper (only newsprint, not colored ads)
* Cardboard (boxes preferably, no dyes/glues/tapes for bunnies to play in and chew)
* Veggies or animal food (Mainly Kaytee and Oxbow)
* Hay! (Looking for a steady supplier of bales below $3.50, or even free!)

for what feels like forever

still waiting!

ADOPTED!_____________rainbow bridge____

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