Sunday, March 2, 2008

PA-Judge's Park-Many Pigs

Judge's Park, PA: Many Pigs! This rescue is located in Edinburg.

ADOPTED! Henry is a shorthair piggie bonded with Martin, and he is about a year old. The poor boy is a survivor of the hoarder surrender (150 pigs living in a shed under squalor conditions). Despite his initial conditions, he is a calm piggie who loves attention and has a great attention. Henry has some physical scars from living in such terrible conditions, but no other manifestations of his upbringing.

ADOPTED! Martin is one year old and absolutely gorgeous. He can be a bit skittish at first, and so will benefit from some more socialization in his forever home, but once he's in the lap he "is just a mush," to quote from his bio. Martin is bonded with Henry, and so the two boys must be adopted together.

ADOPTED! Nelson is a year old and "gorgeous and sweet to boot!!" Apparently this beautiful piggy loves to be held and adores cuddling. And Nelson embodies one of the rarest of piggy traits--he doesn't get along with other piggies. Nelson would do best as an only pig, leaving him plenty of time to curl up with his person.

ADOPTED! Rocket is a ten month old crested male. Due to his youth he is wonderfully high energy, though a bit skittish until in the lap. Once secure in your arms he is calm and adores to be pet. He will surely settle down as he gets older. Rocket must be adopted with Jet, his bonded buddy.

ADOPTED!Jett is a one year old boy who is bonded with Rocket. Between the two of them he is very much the calm one, though because of his young age he is still a bit skittish. The director of Judge's Park thinks that both pigs will grow up to be very calm, and says that they are very sweet boys even now. He loves to be pet onces in your lap.

Snickers is a one year old long haired Silkie pig. He is black and brown with one white foot. He is very high energy and can be a bit skittish (he may not have had much handling in the past), but this changes once he's in the lap. Then he becomes much calmer, and he loves to be held and pet. He should settle down with socialization and age. He is paired with Doodle, below, and is the calmer of the two. What a beautiful pair!

Doodle is a piggy with some roaning in his fur, which I recently wrote about in this post when discussing the dangers of br33ding roan pigs. Doodle is one year old, and more high energy than his other half, Snickers. He can be skittish and may not have had much handling before entering the rescue. He does calm down once being pet, but sometimes he still gets scared. Because of this, the rescue recommends he have a "gentle, quiet and patient handler." The rescue also recommends that ideally Snickers and Doodle (cute :) should "probably should go to a home with adults only or older/quiet children." Sounds like a smart plan for this pair.

Stay tuned for a follow up post on how you can help the guinea pigs of Judge's Park.

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