Sunday, March 2, 2008

PA-Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue-Full Herd Lineup

Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue, PA: Many pigs!

Immediately below please find all the piggies of this Latrobe, PA based rescue, and then two featured piggies who just joined the ranks of these lucky piggie kids!
ADOPTED! Picture of Hamlet & Rothbart Hamlet & Rothbart &ADOPTED! Picture of Hercules & Zeus Hercules & Zeus & ADOPTED! Picture of Chester & Milton Chester & Milton & ADOPTED! Picture of Madame Mim Madame Mim & ADOPTED! Picture of Eleanor Eleanor & ADOPTED! Picture of Cronus Cronus & ADOPTED! Picture of Fudolou & Fudzmo Fudolou & Fudzmo & ADOPTED! Picture of Gabriella & Gertru Gabriella & ADOPTED! Picture of Glenda & Norma Jea Glenda & Norma Jean & Picture of Duchess & Marie Duchess & Marie & ADOPTED! Picture of Templeton & Ludo Templeton & Ludo & Picture of Rex Rex & Picture of Ash Ash & Picture of Roxy & Ivy Roxy & Ivy & ADOPTED! Picture of Dumbledore Dumbledore &ADOPTED! Picture of Hades Hades & ADOPTED! Picture of Boobits & Hagrid Boobits & Hagrid & .

Boobits and Hagrid
are two bonded adult males. Boobits is on the left, and Hagrid is on the right; both pigs are around two and a half years old and big for any piggies age! PLGPR describes them as "adorable and chubby and...the perfect lap piggies." They both love being held and will lounge out and watch movies. They love to eat and never fight. They will call out for more food though!

Boobits is very curious and will get on his hind legs to sniff for food. PLGPR calls this Prarie Dogging, which I've never heard before and am now going to use all the time, because I love it.

Hagrid loves lady piggies, so I would make sure only spayed girls are in the house! He sounds like a persistant guy--climbing on pigloos even to get the best view of any lady pigs sauntering by during floor time.

These two pigs sound like wonderful snugglers and cuddlers and entertaining as well. What a perfect set of boys!

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