Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Judge's Park; Edinburg, PA: contact info: Jennifer at azeem0510 @

PLEASE HELP--an email I received from a listserve I'm on:

"Hi. I'm sorry to email all of you guys again today, but we need some help. Our finished basement, where all the animals are, just flooded because of the rain and melting snow. All of our rabbit cage bottoms (carpeting remnants, blankets) are ruined. All of our hay is ruined. All of our rabbit toys, boxes, and newspapers are wet and ruined. Luckily we were able to bring everyone upstairs, but a lot of our stuff I don't think we can use anymore. And who knows what else will happen to the rest of their stuff from the water down there. If anyone can help out with extra old blankets, carpets, chew toys, etc., please email me as soon as possible. I probably can get hay tomorrow during the day, so that should be okay, just everything else. We have the fire department here right now pumping out the water, but we have a lot of clean up to do. Thank you everyone for all of your help!"

See this post and this post for more information about adopting from Judge's Park, as well as contributing cash and material donations.

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