Friday, July 4, 2008

PA-Glynnis's Guineas Guinea Pig Rescue-Many Guinea Pigs!

Glynnis's Guineas Guinea Pig Rescue; South Whitehall, PA: Lady, Katie, Ranger , Bear , Lucy, Mercury, The Guinea Pig Formerly Known as Princess, Guinea, Skipper,

Lady and Katie are sisters and must be adopted together. They are both small adult females.

Ranger and Bear are brothers and must be adopted together. They are both small adult males.

Lucy is a small young female who was abandoned at a Petco, who contacted the rescue to take her in. She must be adopted to a home with a girlfriend.

Mercury is a small adult male who has had a rough time of it medically, but has a clean bill of health now. He wants to be adopted with Skipper

Skipper is a small adult abby male who wants to be adopted with Mercury.

The Guinea Pig Formerly Known as Princess is a small adult male, who got his name from a girl who was hoping she had a small adult female and so named her pig "Princess." The rescue resexed him and renamed him. He is best friends with Guinea. Guinea is also a small adult male.

* AAGP recommends quarantining any new guinea pigs
for 2-3 weeks and confirming the sex yourself.
Many sad accidents or "accidents" can be avoided this way. *

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